SRS has component repair capability for major commercial and regional aircraft. Our capabilities are backed by a strong, experienced technical team, up-to-date knowledge of current technological development, and state-of-the-art test equipment. SRS currently focuses on the following ATA Chapters and components.

ATA21 Heat Exchangers, pressure and temp sensors ( test only), regulators ,valves, recirculating fans
ATA24 IDG, CSD, GCU, APU Gen, Constant speed motor Gen , Transformer rectifier. Voltmeter, Batteries, IDG/CSD wire bundles
ATA25 Ovens, Coffee makers, Wine chillers, Water boilers
ATA26 Engine and APU fire and overheat detectors/ harnesses , wheel well fire detectors/ harnesses
ATA27 Slat actuators, rotary actuators
ATA29 Engine Driven Hydraulic Pumps, Electric Motor Driven Pumps, Accumulators, PTU, Valves, Actuators, Hydraulic quantity and pressure indicators
ATA30 Anti ice Valves, wiper motors, Pitot static and TAT probes ( test only), drain mast
ATA32 Landing gear and door actuators, landing gear harnesses
ATA33 All Position , strobe and retractable landing lights (exterior lights)
ATA36 All Engine bleed valves, pressure regulators , pre cooler and pre cooler valve
ATA38 Vacuum gen, flush valves, flush control unit, water tank air compressors, water qty indicators, water heaters
ATA49 APU starter, APU electrical harness, Lube Pump, Ignition exciter, cooling fan, surge bleed valve, time totalizer, tachometer
ATA71 All Engine wire harnesses
ATA73 Electrical Harness, Fan / Core electrical cables for the EEC / FADEC, solenoid valves, Alternate current generators
ATA74 Engine ignition exciters, Ignition leads ( test only)
ATA75 VSV and VBV Actuators, TCC Valves, bleed valves , position sensors, ball screw actuators
ATA77 N1/N2 Speed Sensors, temperature sensors, thermocouples, transducers
ATA78 T/R actuators, Cowl open Actuators, T/R Hydraulic control units, sensors, wire harnesses, flex shafts
ATA79 Oil pressure and temp switch / sensors
ATA80 Starter valves


SRS specializes in the repair and overhaul of power generation components such as Integrated Drive Generators (IDG's), Variable Speed Constant Frequency (VSCF), Constant Speed Drives (CSD's), Generators, Starter-Generators and Landing Gears. We also perform reconditioning and rewinding of sub-assemblies, such as, electrical motors, rotors and stators used on many end units for a variety of commercial aircraft.


SRS currently specializes in the repair, overhaul and modification of Aircraft Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Fuel, Surface Controls and Auxiliary Power Units (APU). This includes but is not limited to, pneumatics starters, pneumatic valves, air cycle machines, power control units, fuel pumps, fuel shut off valves, flap transmissions, jack screws, actuators and more.